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Life changing, future altering, rare experiences with wildlife in their natural habitat. 

I have carefully curated these expeditions to be very, very special 
A special part of my journey.  . . . 
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself, and my journey leading up to these incredible adventures we are about to embark on. I was born in coastal South Australia, where I spent my childhood surfing, and engulfed in the wild oceans around me, where wildlife was abundant. A driving passion was born, to not only learn more about our incredible environment, and oceans, but be a voice for them always, to let my passions lead my career.
 Fast forward a few decades, and I've been lucky enough to see a lot of the world, through surfing, freediving, conservation, and photography. I've seen a lot of beautiful things, and witnessed a lot of what needs to change, it has continued to drive my passions further and deeper into my connection with nature.
 With my degree in Marine Biology, years of field work and volunteer work in wildlife rescue, 10 + years experience in-water guiding in marine tourism, across a broad spectrum of species, these expeditions are at the core of my passion and ability.
As a free-diving instructor and heavy water training advocate, safety and competence in the ocean are always a crucial part of my work, and educative measures. My passion for rescuing wildlife through my charity, and sharing with the world, the difference we can make, is all a part of the picture. I have so much to share, and these expeditions make it possible in the most incredible way.
It is my knowledge that people fall in love with wild places, and wildlife, through experience first, taking home lifelong lessons, and passions to protect, which are passed on when they return home, a strong force of conservation.
 Our planet is in a crucial state, where the need for respect, protection and immediate action is of utmost importance at this time in our lives, I want you to experience some of the things that I get to, so you can see the magic the world has, and take it home with you.
These animals and these places, have stories to tell. 
Be prepared for heart-stopping moments, jaw dropping encounters, and learning you will not find in a classroom.
Please check out information on all trips under my Expeditions tab, and make sure to sign up to our forms on each Expedition, or on my home page for first access for future trips. 
Brinkley Davies