Meet Brinkley Davies


Brinkley’s initial fascination with the sea was cultivated as a child, since then, everything in her life has revolved around her devotion to the sea and passion for wildlife.

Taught to surf by her parents at age 4, Brinkley has surfed ever since, sparking a deeper connection to wild places also learning to freedive at a young age. 

With a University education in Marine Biology, Brinkley has over the years represented marine and wildlife conservation on a global level, and inspired many to follow in her footsteps.



Balu Blue Foundation

Founding her own registered charity and environmental Non-Profit Balu Blue Foundation, in late 2016. Brinkleys career maintains a strong focus on building the conservation projects within the organisation, including the inspiring story of #BunjiTheKangaroo, the support of wildlife care, and native habitats. Balu Blue is a part of the movement to bring awareness to the Great Southern Reef, Balu Blue Foundation were named Hope Spot Champions by Mission Blue, in acknowledgement of this pristine eco-system across the Southern Coastline of Australia 



Career | Qualifications and Skill Sets


CEO / Founder of Balu Blue Foundation Inc

Owner / Designer of Bandicoot 

Australian of the Year Nominee 

Photography and Content Creation 



GOPRO Family Member


Molchanovs Freediving Instructor  

PADI Dive Master


Coxswains Grade 1 Commercial 


10 + years in water experience as a guide, freediver or research assisting with various marine wildlife 

Global ambassador for multiple environmental campaigns/ wildlife campaigns. 

Wildlife Carer, author of step by step guides to rescuing wildlife as seen on www.balubluefoundation.org 


Past Commercial Work 


GoPro, AirBnB, Oceana, Reef, Treadright, Wildlife SOS, Wild Ark, Tourism Australia, Tourism Western Australia, Tourism Indonesia, Tourism South Africa, ROAM, Inkwell Media, Shark Week, Monster Children Magazine and more. 

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