A Wild Life . . . .

Freediver, Surfer, and Marine Biologist by trade, Brinkley has travelled the world for the last decade following her passions for the ocean, and wildlife. Founding Balu Blue Foundation Inc, in late 2016, a DGR endorsed, environmental charity in Australia that works to protect Australian wildlife and habitat. In 2020, Brinkley launched two ew ventures - Bandicoot By Brinkley Jewellery, to help support the conservation projects of Balu Blue, with beautiful, high quality and sustainable jewellery collections inspired by the sea. Wildlife Expeditions - hosting life changing expeditions to some of the wildest places on earth, to see and experience wildlife with your own eyes. The overall goal of reconnecting those who come, with nature in an incredibly special way.

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Saving Bunji - my first ever published book!

Bandicoot By Brinkley

Jewellery For The Wild


Wildlife Expeditions

Immersive experiences with some of the worlds most incredible wildlife . . .

The Journey Of A Lifetime - click to explore

Balu Blue Foundation

Protecting Australia's Wildlife

Protecting Australia's Wildlife

Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula

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