The ocean is full of plastic. I vow to be a part of turning the tide on Plastic Pollution, from the source.

In my day to day life, I am a conscious and minimalistic consumer, for the planet, for the oceans, for my health.

I work alongside a few companies, with the same mission, who create affordable and planet friendly solutions for your home, your body, and the planet.



We’re super excited to announce a partnership with Zero Co a new Aussie company on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic packaging from every Aussie kitchen, laundry and bathroom. It is the fighting plastic at both ends of the supply chain.

The re-usable dispensers will be made from recycled plastic waste rescued from our seas.  

This means stopping the production of new plastic, turning off the tap at the top of the supply chain, while removing existing plastic pollution from our oceans, cleaning up the mess at the bottom of the supply chain.

The re-usable refill sachets will be made from post consumer recycled plastic (that's a fancy way of saying plastic bound for landfill).

They have also partnered with Pack Tech and Ocean Waste Plastics to create their dispensers and refills. Every Zero Co dispenser comes with a tracking code so you can see which part of the ocean the plastic was collected from.

They’ve pledged to donate $5 from your first Zero Co order to the Balu Blue Foundation to help fund the important environmental work we’re undertaking every day.

Head on over to sign up using this link to show your support -

Balu Blue BUNJI Re-usable Coffee Cups

Reduce your use of plastic, and help the environment by drinking out of these super cute Bunji coffee cups. . . .


The official Balu Blue JOCO cup is here featuring an Illustration of Bunji, the foundations very first resident. Created by visual artist and activist Jaimee Paul. Fight the mounting plastic crisis with a true product solution while also supporting the efforts of the Balu Blue Foundation.

Click HERE to grab yours today