Jeffreys Bay and Cape St Francis

We arrived in Jeffreys Bay after the long drive up the Garden Route all the way from Simon's Town. It was an epic drive, we piled our boards, dive gear and all of our luggage into our rental car which was a VW Golf, and only just fit everything. 

After being down the south end of South Africa, we were very keen to get some waves. It was so beautiful down there, but we had been skunked ( missed out ) on a good swell down that had just been there. Also due to a huge storm, Chapmans Peak Drive was closed, so we decided it was best to head north. This drive included us doing the Worlds Biggest Bridge Bungee! You can watch the video of me being scared out of my wits below . . . . . 

Upon arriving in J-Bay, it felt a lot to me like Lennox Head, a place on the East Coast of Australia which has beautiful scrub, and a long right hand point break. It was raining when we arrived, but we were both so stoked to see a fun little peeling right hander, and we headed out as soon as we arrived. 

We stayed at Cristel Cove Backpackers, a little backpackers that is located right at SuperTubes, a really fun little wave that joins up to JBay on the right tide. When we got in the water it felt warm, compared to the ocean down the bottom end where we had come from, and also in comparison to coming up from winter in South Australia. 

Along with getting a bunch of fun waves here, I also made friends with two of the cutest Golden Retrievers I have ever met, they spent their days laying on the beach, and also chasing after the birds in the waves and rock-pools, there was no way they would ever catch one, but they seemed to enjoy trying. By this point in our trip, I was really struggling finding any kind of good vegan meal, I am not a fussy vegan, and being vegan for 9 years, I have been some places where potatoes and rice are the only options. 

I asked around and was thrilled to figure out that a restaurant called Nina's, was just across the road, and their menu, to my surprise was about 12 pages long, with endless vegan options. 

Spending my days surfing fun right hand point breaks and then eating at Nina's was a dream come true! haha. We hung out in JBay for approximately 1 week, and then decided to head down to Cape St Francis, and St Francis Bay, where my good friends from Spierre fins wanted to catch up, and go for a free-dive. 

We got up the following day and headed down to Cape St Francis to meet up with the awesome crew from Spierre, after getting my custom made free-diving blades for years from the family run business, it was amazing to catch up in person and go for a dive. 

We spent the morning exploring the Cape on foot, and meeting a few friendly Cape Fur Seals, then we headed down to the wharf to launch the boat. After gearing up and heading out we were stoked to come across what was like a Humpback Whale highway, with good visibilty able to be seen over the side, we jumped in for a look around. The reef was beautiful out the back, the water was similar temperature to back home in South Australia, but the reef reminded me of Exmouth, so many colours, and plenty or coral. 

We jumped in and out on a few different spots during the afternoon, before heading back in to shore just before sundown. 

I loved this area, as well as J Bay, the next day, we packed up our things and made our way to Port Elizabeth Airport, to get ready to board our flight to Kruger National Park. 

Check out some pics from this trip below, and if you haven't already, my youtube blog from J Bay and Cape St Francis at the top of this blog. 

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Brinkley xx